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Monday, January 5, 2009

One day more!

I can't help it. I'm sitting here in Eric's basement office, and suddenly I hear... i hear the swell of the orchestra. I hear the chorus begin. It's soft at first, but slowly builds to a rousing crecendo... "ONE MORE DAWN... ONE MORE DAY... ONE DAY MORE!" (I admit. I've always been a bit of a theatre geek, and Les Miserables has a special place in my little musical-loving heart).

So... does it make me a bad mom that I'm almost dancing that school starts back tomorow?

I can't help it! I love my boys more than life itself, but really... two weeks of arguments, fights, whining, and excessive video game playing have taken their toll. Mama needs for them to either go back to school, or for them to be okay with a Mom who drinks a little Cruzan in her morning java.

Mmmm. Coconut coffee...
*cough* Anyway....

Seriously though, I have grown rather spoiled by my mornings. Now that Zack goes to preschool Mondays through Thursdays, I just have this glorious pocket of time that is ALL MINE. From 9am to 1pm, I'm childless, free to do as I please. It's even more liberating than when Chris was in preschool... with him I had to drop him off at one and be back to pick him up at 3:15. God bless the school system here with it's penchant for bussing every last kid in the district. it gives me two extra hours of happy time every day.

My kids aren't demon spawn. I mean, no one has sacrificed the cat, everyone still has their eyes, ears, and all appendages. But once you've had a taste of that freedom, sweet, sweet freedom....

So one more day. I know that one day, when my boys are grown and gone, I'll look back on this time period with wistful fondness (presumably from my hammock on the beach in Tortolla). But for now, it's sweet reality, and it sounds like Zack is riding the dog. Gotta fly.


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